About Us

Company Profile

PT Kramat Motor is a company engaged in Car Audio-Video and Multimedia. We produce and distribute multimedia car navigation systems throughout Indonesia and Asia.

As the first company to enter the GPS industry with strong technical experience in Indonesia and professional resource support, we always innovate in the production process so as to produce products with the latest technology in accordance with current trends.

Therefore, we are able to fulfill your market demands, and provide technical support with professional technicians and build strong partnerships.


PT Kramat Motor was founded in 1994 and operates in Jakarta. By maintaining the company’s culture for more than 23 years, PT Kramat Motor has succeeded in becoming one of the leading companies in the car audio video and multimedia sector in Indonesia.

Now, with more than 275 employees and 23 years experience in the car audio video and multimedia sector. PT Kramat Motor cooperates with OE Works Manufacturing Corporation to expand distribution to the Philippines, M-Tech Mobilmedia Technology for Thailand, as well as Malaysia, Dubai and Turkey.


Being a leading company in the field of car audio, video and multimedia


Prioritizing customer satisfaction

Providing the highest quality products

Become a trendsetter in the field of car audio and multimedia



Working hard can get the job done, but working with the heart can produce the best work

Fulfill services with better results

We work together to achieve success

Customer satisfaction is not just a measure but our goal is to work.

The increasing demand for car audio-video and multimedia in Indonesia makes PT Kramat Motor produce several brands of car audio products and among them are MobileTech, MVidia, Avi, LM Audio, Petras, Knav, Ktrack, Kicker, Geekrover, Jacaranda, Natural Voice, Vintage, and FireII.

Distribution Network

Product distribution is divided into 2 categories namely Universal Model Series and OEM Series. Universal Model Series products are distributed through the Local Car Audio Shop, Used Car Dealer and Car Rental Shop. Whereas OEM Series products are distributed through Used Car Dealers, Car Dealers, Local Audio Shop and Car Manufacturer

In distributing products, we also provide professional technicians who have the ability to install OEM levels as well as mechanics who are trained and experienced in handling various types of American, European, Japanese and Korean cars.